Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dominus n. 1. master of a house , lord, master 2. husband or lover; a master, owner, possessor; employer; ruler, lord, controller.

This is our new team name. My new PSN is "Dominus_Slayer". Together with "Dominus_Dizkidd" and the rest of the Dominus team we will form a leading team in Black Operations. As Dizkidd previously mentioned, if you are interesting in joining our team, add either of us on psn. One of the main reasons we have for forming a team is so that we can have cooperation between teammates when playing online multiplayer. Dizkidd and I envision a team who has certain positions depending on the map and game (ie. a sniper, striker, knifer). Anyhow, if this sounds interesting to you, than give us an add, and I look forward to playing with you November 9th.


Black Operations Clan

Hey, fellow gamers. Dizkidd here, we're trying to form a clan for Black Operations. Nothing too serious we just want some people to game with. Maybe as we progress we'll start to work on some montages or something. I think ultimately we'd like to get into some tourneys. We're gonna try to use this blog to schedule game times, private matches, share map call-outs, strategy's, and tactics. Also, mics are not required but we really like them; it's just way better when you can communicate with people in game. If you are interested add me on PSN (Dominus_Dizkidd) and we'll play around, If we like you than you're welcome to join Team Dominus lol!

Game on,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Updates to Come

Just made the blog here...still a lot of work to do. Stop back soon, especially after Black Ops is released on November 9th !