Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Class roles for team play

Preferred sniper rifle and attachment/ sidearm,
Hardline (pro), scout or hardened (pro) , marathon or ninja (pro)
Sam turret, care package, sentry gun
This player is charged with killing players who run out in the open. He sits back and waits for people to come. He keeps his interactions long range. Sometime he will need to shout out enemy position or movements. Also the sniper is charged with counter-sniping. It’s his job to suppress the opposition’s snipers.

Run and Gun / Rush and Flush:
Preferred Smg and attachment/ sidearm
Lightweight (pro), Sleight of hand or steady aim (pro), marathon (pro)
Probably streaks that get kills aka napalm, heli, b52, chopper and such. No set kill streaks for this role.
This player is always on the move. It is his job to flush out campers and snipers. Most of these players’ interactions will be close range. He sticks to buildings and alleys and rushes spawns. There maybe two players of this role in the match depending on the map and player strengths.

Run and gun except hardline instead of lightweight and two kill streaks are set at spyplane and blackbird the third ks is up to you. This players goal is so have a spyplane or sr71 in the air at all times during the game. Play style is similar to run/gun but his primary objective is intelligence not flush/rush

Preferred Lmg/ lockon launcher
Not sure about the perks cause I never use a lmg
Streaks would be similar to r/g something that picks up kills.
This role probably won’t be used every match. I’m not sure what situations a lmg is useful in because I never use them. I think this player would probably be assigned to take out enemy air support. Thus they would need a lock on launcher.

Preferred AR (ACOG scope)/ sidearm
Any first perk probably hardline pro or ghost, sleight of hand or warlord, tactical mask pro (I’ll explain) or marathon.
Streaks would be similar to sniper. Sam, care, sentry.
Like r/g there maybe multiple players of this role in a match. One of this players responsibilities is to defend his sniper. That means he would have to hang back more than the r/g but he would be much more free to roam than the sniper. The ACOG scope is because while with the sniper he might be needed to assist in some medium to long range interactions. Tactical mask is because if an enemy flashbangs the sniper hide and then rushes the balanced player will not be affected and can still protect the sniper. Marathon would be useful for this player to get back to the sniper quickly if he died.

Preferred AR or smg silenced/ sidearm
Ghost (pro), any second perk, ninja (pro)
Spy plane, Counter spy plane, and third killstreak.
This is the camper class. Although they don’t have to camp. This player’s main objective is to stay off the enemy radar as much as possible and disabling enemy radar. They are charged with sneaking up on the enemy from behind or sitting in a well trafficked area and kill enemies that could thru.